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I have some common actionscript code, how can I determine if I'm running in AIR or in a web browser? thanks,

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Do you mean to ask "Am I running in Air or Flash"? Flex is a framework that works in both. In other words, Air and Flex are not mutually exclusive. – Brian Genisio Jul 14 '11 at 16:17
I thought AIR is a desktop version that actually a web browser.... – Rudy Jul 15 '11 at 6:27

use the flash.system.Capabilities object to find out if you running under AIR/Flash Player.

var isAir : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "Desktop");
var isFlashPlayer : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "StandAlone");
var isBrowser : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "ActiveX" || Capabilities.playerType == "PlugIn");
var isOther : Boolean = (Capabilities.playerType == "External");
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You're going to use


if( flash.system.Capabilities.playerType == "Desktop" ){
     trace('You are running AIR!');
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like the 2 previous answers,

import flash.system.Capabilities;    
  • ActiveX = Internet Explorer
  • PlugIn = Firefox / Safari / Chrome / ...
  • Desktop = AIR
  • StandAlone = Flash Player Projector / local swf directly in flash player
  • External = Debug mode / external player


EDIT: check this link out for Adobe's docs.

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