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I'd like to change the text on a property sheet APPLY button but I don't know the control's ID or HWND. I do have the property sheet's HWND. Any ideas?

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I found a couple of instances where folks included the following defines...

#define IDD_APPLYNOW 0x3021
#define IDD_DLGFRAME 0x3022
#define IDD_BACK 0x3023
#define IDD_NEXT 0x3024
#define IDD_FINISH 0x3025
#define IDD_DIVIDER 0x3026
#define IDD_TOPDIVIDER 0x3027

Using IDD_APPLYNOW per above I was able to change the text on the button,

SetDlgItemText (hwndPS,0x3021,"Validate");

Don't have much of an idea what the other symbols might be; look like some are for wizard property sheets.

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