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I have 2 php pages, htmldisp.php and classfn.php. And an alert used in hrmldisp.php is not working. It should actually give a dropdown value.

htmldisp.php is

 <?php include("classfn.php"); $obj=new hello;?> 
 <script language="javascript">
  function submitted(){
   var select=document.getElementById('newdrop').value; 

echo $obj->hellofn($id); ?>
<input type="submit" onclick="submitted();"

classfn.php is

   class hello{
function hellofn($id){  

    $s="select `Name`,`Value` from `Days`;
    $p='<td>'.'<select id="$id">';
            $p.='<option value="' . $value . '"' . ( $selected==$value ? ' selected="selected"' : '' ) . '>' . $name . '</option>';

    return $p;

The problem is alert(select) not working. Thanks

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How is it not working? Is it throwing an error, displaying 'undefined', not firing? – Igor Jul 14 '11 at 17:46
it is not because it is not firing, but that $id="newdrop" is not acquired by js @GrailsGuy – look4php Jul 14 '11 at 17:53

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As far as I can tell you never call the function submitted. On top of that your HTML is completely malformed. You have a bunch of html and javascript outside of your html tag. And you have 2 opening html tags with no close...

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