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I saw this link on Urban Airship's website, stating that C2DM pushes require the new JSON key/value pair configuration: http://support.urbanairship.com/customer/portal/articles/79134-sending-extras-in-your-android-push

My question is, how do I access these extras inside my IntentReceiver? All of the API references I can find refer to the old string-based method of sending extras.

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Can you post the code you are currently using in your IntentReceiver, it will make it easier to suggest how to amend it. It looks like its now a JSONObject with another object in it rather than an object with 2 strings in. –  Kenny Jul 14 '11 at 18:33
Found the answer, SO won't let me post it yet, intent.getExtras().keySet() allows you to get the list of keys, intent.getStringExtra(key) allows you to get the value referenced by that key. –  Matt Jul 14 '11 at 19:03
I think your comment is a fair enough answer! :-) –  Konstantin Nov 4 at 9:44

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