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I put a empty content div into a td tag in a table. It shows as there is only one line in div. If I set the height of the div, when I input more content than it's height, it still keep the same size as it was. How to add a vertical scrollbar when content need to consume more space in the div? Thanks.

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Automatically show scroll bars when content is greater than height and width like this:

<div style="overflow:auto;"></div>


Show scroll bars at all times like this:

<div style="overflow:scroll;"></div>

Below is some reference for CSS overflow properties:




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Use overflow, or overflow-y: auto | hidden | scroll | visible

<div style="max-height:100px; overflow-y:auto"> ... </div>


<div style="max-height:100px; overflow-y:scroll"> ... </div>

NOTE: overflow supported since CSS2, but overflow-y - CSS3, Opera 9.6, Safari 3.1

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only vertical scroll

<div style="overflow-y:auto;"></div>
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do this in css

div {overflow: scroll}

edit: What's with all the inline styles guys :-(

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Just to add to the other answers, you will likely also want white-space: nowrap, otherwise your text will wrap and only unbroken strings which exceed the width of your container will cause a scroll.

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If you want vertical scrollbar then

<div style="overflow-y:auto;overflow-x:hidden"></div>
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