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How could i rewind video back for, let's say, 5 seconds?

I tried player.seek(player.currentTime - 5) but this gives no effect except small pauses (like freezing while seeking - while left arrow key is pressed down).

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If you are wanting it to play backwards (just as it does forwards), that is not possible that I have ever seen.

You can try looping it backwards with .seek(), but it still wont have a smooth playback experience such as going forwards.

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well, then i should leave it for now... =( –  shybovycha Jul 15 '11 at 5:37

It seems to me that OP is asking about rewinding; not playing backward. As far as I understand 'seek()' looks for the nearest keyframe prior to the requested time. That is why, rewinding by a few seconds may give you unexpected results. FTQuest

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