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I just deployed my first ASP.NET App to server and everything would be fine if not problems with database... I have sessions stored in SQL Server as two tables. Those tables are operated thru stored procedures. When deploying app I have moved database by making a backup copy of my local db and uploading it to production server. This caused that names were mixed and stored procedures were not working.

Is there a way to deploy database witch changed names ?! Or every time I deploy application to server I need to run asp's create-session-in-db app ?!

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Is it the names of your databases that is causing the issue, or the names of your two tables? –  David Atkinson Jul 17 '11 at 18:39

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It's better to deploy the database using SQL scripts then backup/restore or copy. You can tailor the scripts to your specific need at the time, eg. alter, drop/create. You also get a record of what your data structures are that can be filed with your app.


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