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I'm currently working with ckeditor and i'm using the jquery plugin for this editor for instantiating everything when the document is ready. What I need to do is setup a blur event for the instance of ckeditor that is being created. The below code is what I'm using to instantiate ckeditor.


What I'm trying to do is something like:


Is there a way to do this with ckeditor using the jquery plugin for it?

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You need to bind your handler to the editor instance not to the textarea itself. This binds an on-blur-handler to your editor instance:

var editor = CKEDITOR.instances['your_textarea_id'];

if (editor) {
    editor.on('blur', function(event) {
        // Do something, Example: disable toolbar:
        $("#cke_top_" + event.editor.name).css("display", "none");

(Inspired by skunkwerk@cksource-forum.)

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