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I run cassandra in VMWARE server with Linux, 2 core, 1 GB RAM all setting are default in cassandra conf file, try to write big abount of data, md5 as key and timestamp as column. As result i have very slow write about 10 keys per second. Why so slow?

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Well, the problem must be the virtual machine... Your OS, and VM together must be hogging a lot of memory... try installing on your native machine. Make sure you are not running memory hogging apps like VM. – Nishant Jul 15 '11 at 14:19

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I realize this isn't a proper answer, but I think it goes towards the suitability of the question proposed:

  1. You most likely wont get good feedback on this question unless you quantify what "big amount of data" actually is ...
  2. because you are using VMware and not a lot of memory, it will not be representative of the true capabilities of what Apache Cassandra can provide.

Cassandra's really designed to manage DAS

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