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is there a way to call an ajax function that calls a php that extract a file and send progress via httpresponse so i can make a progress bar?

I know php is not a multithreading language so i'm learning ruby and i've seem some extract zip examples but have no idea about how can i know the progress of the file, maybe a new thread???

So any solution or idea either php or ruby is really welcome.

Thank you very much

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You can use ruby ProgressBar gem and net/http to do this.

Here is the demo code:

url_base = ''   
url_path = ''     
@counter = 0  

Net::HTTP.start(url_base) do |http|  
  response = http.request_head(URI.escape(url_path))  
  puts (response['content-length'].to_i/(1024*1024)).to_s <<  'M'  
  pbar ="file name:", response['content-length'].to_i)"test.file", 'w') {|f|
    http.get(URI.escape(url_path)) do |str|  
    f.write str  
    @counter += str.length  
puts "Done."  
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