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1. The environment

I have a RoR penny auction site to which I'd like to add an autobid feature.
Autobid feature should provide the following functionality:
- user should set a maximum number of bids to place.
- user should set a min value. Autobidder will only place a bid if product current price is higher or equal to this value.
- user should set a max value. Autobidder will only place a bid if product current price is lower or equal to this value.
- user should set a specific time in seconds to place a bid. Autobidder will only place a bid when the countdown timer reaches this value.
- user can leave the site after setting autobidder options.

2. The problem

I have no idea on how to make the autobidder to keep watch over running auctions and automatically place a bid when user conditions were satisfied.

3. The question

How can I make autobidder work silently and automatically on server side without user interaction?

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This could be really resource intensive if you've got very many auctions and/or bidders. You'll need a command-line script that continually runs in the background as if it was a system daemon. I would have suggested a Cron job, but Cron only runs once per minute at most.

I don't know Ruby, but in pseudo-code, your script might look like:

while (true) {
    pause 1 second

You'll need a database table to store the autobid criteria. Submitting autobids will require some careful logic and queries to:

  1. Decide which auctions are active,
  2. Decide which users have autobids running for those auctions, and
  3. Do the math to remove penny credits from users' accounts and put them onto the auction's total bid price.

Sounds like fun!

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Great! I think that's just what I need. I'll start a research on ruby daemons. –  Marcos Simas Jul 15 '11 at 9:42
I'm glad my answer was meaningful to you. On StackOverflow when you get such an answer, could you please mark it as Accepted? That way it doesn't stay in the queue forever as unanswered. Thanks! –  curtisdf Jul 15 '11 at 18:32

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