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I'm trying to make a poor man's Firebug inside of an HTML page. I created an external script that is placed somewhere in the target page. Initialized with <body onload="monitor_init()">. It also brings in a style sheet to absolutely position a partially-opaque table with the results.

So it runs through everything (values) in window[], displays it in one column, as well as the typeof(window[i]) in another column. I'd also like to have another column that displays the name of the variable or object.

function monitor_init()
    var css = document.createElement("link");
    var temp = document.createElement("div");
    var temp2 = document.createElement("table");

var monitor_speed = 100;

function monitor()
    while(document.getElementById("monitor_output").childNodes.length > 0)
    for (i in window)
        if (["function","undefined"].indexOf(typeof(window[i]))!=-1)
        // This is where I tried to make a first column displaying the name, couldn't find anything that worked.
        // Disregard the .name, that was just last-ditch stuff
        //var temp = document.createElement("tr");
        //var temp2 = document.createElement("td");

        var temp = document.createElement("tr");
        var temp2 = document.createElement("td");

        var temp2 = document.createElement("td");

By using typeof I was able to skip displaying the values of functions and some undefined things. I was hoping that if I could get access to the name I could also skip stuff like the history, location, and other things that aren't JavaScript numbers, strings, array objects, etc., i.e. global variables that I created in other scripts on the page.

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Any reason you can't just use Firegut Lite? – Craig M Jul 14 '11 at 23:53
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You haven't really asked a specific question, but I think you're trying to say "How do I get the name of each property of window?"

In your existing code you're using a for-in loop to go through the various properties. What I think you need to know is that your index variable will hold the name of the (current) property:

for (i in window) {
  alert("Property name: " + i);
  alert("Property value: " + window[i]);
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Thank you. I somehow forgot that 'i' contained each of the keys to the associative array. – user845573 Jul 15 '11 at 0:06

The looping construct you're using will provide this information:

for (i in window) {
    // at the point, i is a string containing the name of the property
    // window[i] contains the value of that property
    document.write('window.' + i + ' is ' + window[i] + '<br>');

but as another poster asked - why can't you use firebug lite?

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I wanted to try some more advanced and specific tracking based on this simple functionality. Thanks. – user845573 Jul 15 '11 at 0:03

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