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I have a development version of my PHP website and when I moved it to my production server on centOS OS I discovered my locale version of en_EN is not working.

Could you please tell me what can cause that and what to do to get this working? I use setlocale and gettext to use i18n in PHP.

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I wouldn't recommend anyone using setlocale() and gettext() for localization in PHP (there are some serious issues that will drive any developer nuts). But anyway, there is no en_EN locale. The identifier before the underscore is the language (en = English), the identifier after the underscore is the country (EN = ???). You probably should be using en_US, en_GB, or something else.

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So what do you think is good to do for i18n in PHP? – tomaszs Mar 22 '09 at 20:30
Simple associative arrays works great. They are flexible, simple to understand, doesn't require an httpd restart to reload strings, etc. Complete it with classes to support plural inflection, date/time formatting, etc. Take a look at MediaWiki source code, and you will be enlightened. – Juliano Mar 22 '09 at 21:10
What are the serious issues you're talking about? We've been using gettext for years with PHP without problems. There is also no need to restart apache to do that. – markus Mar 6 at 14:43

I don't think en_EN is correct, Perhaps you mean en_US?

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