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So on my site I load a webpage in an iframe, and some sites have frame busting code to break out of the iframe and redirect the top window to their page. I want to use the onbeforeunload event to determine where the webpage is being redirected to. Is there a function that effectively lets me do event.get_redirect_location or something along those lines?

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Lots of research has led me to the conclusion that there is no way JavaScript can check what the 'next location' is going to be and compare the two domains, if the window.location was set FROM the iframe.

This is the only way I know of for preventing an iframe from breaking out of the site. First, you set your onbeforeunload function to act as normal and warn the user he/she is leaving your site. Then - this is the critical part - you add code to your internal links to prevent page changes from triggering the onbeforeunload event. This means that the onbeforeunload event will ONLY fire if the user is leaving your domain:

    window.onbeforeunload = function()
        if( !/\bnagged=true\b/.test( document.cookie ) )
            document.cookie = "nagged=true";

            return "You are being redirected off our site!"; 

    var lnk;

    for(var i in document.links)
        if( (lnk = document.links[i] ).href.indexOf( document.domain ) > -1 )
            lnk.onclick = function()
                window.onbeforeunload = null; 
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