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My subversion repository is structured as:

/project1   (this contains the trunk)

I want to correct it to:


How can I do it without messing up the current tags which are already present?
I'm using TortoiseSVN client and Subversion server, both on Windows.

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  • Checkout the complete directory structure on your local workspace (I don't recommend performing any operation on the repo directly)
  • Create the empty folders for tags and trunk under the project directories. (Commit)
  • Now, open the directory whose content you'd like to move to a new location, e.g., project1-tags. Select all the content, hold the right-mouse button and drag them to the new location.

You will get a option list like this:

SVN Move

Select the desired option and you're done.

** No History is lost in this process!


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I think need to copy each branch/tag with TortoiseSVN branch/tag menu to proper locations and then remove old ones. Not sure that there is simpler way of doing this.

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Sounds like a job for the Repository Browser.

Before you begin, make sure everything is committed.

Fire up the repo-browser by right-clicking any file or directory that's checked out from the repository you want to change. Then simply drag /project1-tags into /project1. Once the folder's been moved, right-click it and select rename.

When you're done moving and renaming the folders, delete the local copy and check it out again (if you had anything checked out from a folder that got moved, that is).

Repository Browser manual

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