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Some images that look like they shouldn't work (bad relative URLs), are being displayed in the browsers.

For example, on this page:

This image is displayed correctly:

<img src="images/B603A.jpg"/>

By my reckoning, the absolute path should be:

which doesn't resolve. But it displays in the browser, and if you click "copy image URL" it shows:

Shouldn't images be a subdirectory of pastry-bags-tips-and-brushes as there is no preceding slash? What am I missing here?

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Note this line in the <head>:

<base href="">

So this is not a bad link, since

<img src="images/B603A.jpg"/>

is appended to the base (see base), thus results in

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Solved in 5 mins. I ♥ StackOverflow. Thanks @Ziyao @evil otto. – Rob H Jul 15 '11 at 3:18

The page has a base url set (with the base element in the head section), which changes how relative links/images/... are resolved.

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