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Having just completed a fairly large batch script, I have reached my limit as far as spending most of my time implementing arcane work-arounds for the inadequacies of the language.

It's time to look for something better. Windows Scripting Host looks OK, and I can live with JScript but Pascal is my preferred lingo.

Is there a free, actively worked on, scripting tool that uses Pascal as a source language? Something that once installed, allows me to type the name of a script file, just like batch files. I don't want to add scripting to an application, just execute scripts from a DOS prompt.


Hmmm. I'm having trouble seeing how the answers so far would satisfy my needs. Maybe I missed a crucial episode. All I want is to be able to create a file say MyFirstScript.<whatever>:

writeln ('Hello world') ;
Exec ('compiler.exe MyProg') ;
if (ErrorLevel <> 0) then
    writeln ('Oops!') ;
    CopyFile ('MyProg.exe', 'OutputFolder\') ;
    end ;

and type MyFirstScript at a DOS prompt (or maybe runscript MyFirstScript)

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Not really full fledged scripting solution, but InstantFPC makes it look like so. Another way would be to use PascalScript, but since it's intended to be used as application extension, you have to code a little. The code is very trivial though, you can find a working barebone here. Just adjust the units / routines that you need.

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Instantfpc and an unit with some easy tprocess wrappers goes a long way indeed. It's not in released versions yet though. –  Marco van de Voort Jul 15 '11 at 7:40
@LeleDumbo, @Marco, please see my update. –  rossmcm Jul 15 '11 at 18:16
RossMcm: the mentioned instantfpc would work fine on linux etc. Maybe works a bit on Windows too. But programs must be fully functional FPC programs, so including uses and begin..end –  Marco van de Voort Jul 19 '11 at 13:42

The Windows Script Host allows you to install additional language engines (more here) including OpScript which is an Object Pascal engine. This will do exactly what you want.

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Thanks @Nilpo. That's the sort of thing I am looking for, though a quick look at it suggests there is much yet to be implemented (case and with for example). –  rossmcm Jul 15 '11 at 22:07
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I found this: http://www.be-precision.com/products/pdscript/. Pretty much exactly what I wanted. It's based on RemObjects Pascal Script Engine. There is a command line compile-and-execute tool and an IDE with code completion. After setting up an association in the registry between the CL tool and .dpas files, I was able to create a HelloWorld.dpas file and run it by typing the filename in a DOS prompt.

Brilliant. And free.

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