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I am trying to obfuscate my silverlight application. It contains two assemblies and I am using a 'merge assemblies' feature of obfuscator. Assembly (A2) that is being merged with main assembly (A1) has resources, and it is a localized assembly so theres a corresponding localized assembly (A2loc) named according to satellite culture specific assembly names.

However during merge A2 (assembly with resources) becomes M(A1+A2) and A2localized can no longer be satellite assembly for M cause it has old A2 name.. Im pretty sure if I change A2loc assembly attributes to match new assembly name M it will be working.

Question: Which tool can be used to take existing assembly and modify its assembly name for example?

When I simply rename satellite assembly A2loc to match M assembly name app begins to crash on load.

I describe whole process cause maybe someone can suggest a better approach.

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I was able to solve this following solution from here hacking assembly manifest

using ildasm -> dump -> edit IL code -> ilasm -> generate new assembly from edited IL code

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