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I have a jquery ui dialog with a textarea in it :

<div id="dialog">
     <textarea id="box">Hello World</textarea>

Once I open the dialog ,I could edit the textarea's content,

then when close the dialog,I want get the content that I have edited

the dialog code:
                 autoOpen: false,
                 height: 140,
                 buttons: {
                     Confirm: function () {

In this example,the original content is "hello world",then the dialog open,I delete the "world", the strange thing is that,when I click confirm,the page alert still "hello world"

I change html() function to text(),the result still the same,so how can I get the content that I edited when close the dialog?

PS:the reason I use Html() is that I want the content write to Sql database ,keep the "<br>" or "&nbsp;"

the online example is here

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Try using:


instead of:


If you need to have <br>s for newlines, you can do replacements such as:

$("#box").val().replace(/\n/g, "<br>")
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