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Here are my simple domain classes:

package family

class Parent {

    static hasMany = [children : Child]
    String name 

package family

class Child {
    static belongsTo = [parent : Parent]
    String name

In the BootStrap I do following:

import family.Child;
import family.Parent;

class BootStrap {

    def init = { servletContext ->

        def parent = new Parent(name:'Dad')
        parent.addToChildren(new Child(name:'son'))
        parent.addToChildren([name : "another son"])
        parent.save(flush : true, failOnError : true)

        println "hasErrors: " + parent.hasErrors()
        println "Parent: " + parent.name + " Children: " + parent.children.count()

    def destroy = {

And in the console I see: hasErrors: false Parent: Dad Children: 0

Could you please help me to understand why children is always 0? What am I doing wrong?

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It should be size() not count().

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it works. thanks. –  barmaleikin Jul 15 '11 at 6:17

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