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I have a Django app that I've set up using Buildout laid out like so:


The issue is that I'd like both myproject.settings and myapp on the python path. I need the myproject.settings on the path so djangorecipe can import it. And I'd like myapp on the path so that I don't have to write import myproject.myapp all the time.

For now I've got both /workspace/src and /workspace/src/myproject in the Python path, but this feels like a hack and practically makes me worried if there might be situations where import some_module might have confusing resolution patterns because I have two directories that are parent-child to each other.

So questions are:

Is there an accepted way to lay this out?

Is it actually bad to have a directory and one of its sub-directories in the path?

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There is no problem, on import some_module importer will search in each folder specified at sys.path for some_module/ and Same for import myproject.some_module, it will search for myproject module, then it will try to find in it some_module with same algorithm.

I'm using the same project structure.

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If your buildout.cfg includes develop = . and whatever egg your defines is included as a dependency for your buildout/parts then whatever code path your defines will be automatically added to sys.path. Just make sure your includes src as a code directory. One way to do this is with:

      package_dir = {'':'src'},
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