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whenever the ajax page is called, i run:

setcookie($filtersCookie, $cookieVal, time() + 86400); // 1 day

and when the page is refreshed, i use the following code to see if there were any past filters saved:

if(isset($_COOKIE[$filtersCookie])) {

but the cookie never exists after a page refresh. any ideas as to why this may happen?

setcookie is used before any browser output from the ajax call.

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If your Ajax scripts resides in another directory than the calling page, then you should also use the path parameter

setcookie($filtersCookie, $cookieVal, time() + 86400, "/"); // 1 day

By default the cookie will be available from the directory the cookie is set on, using "/" will make it available to all paths.

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I dont think the browser will intercept the cookie when ajax call. You can do a work around like setting the cookie from javascript.

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