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i wish to create a reusable ASP.NET MVC ViewUserControl which is strongly typed to an enumeration.

Can this be done? When i try it, it says that the strong type the ViewUserControl can accept, can only be of a reference type :(

This also means i can't pass an int as TModel.

Why do i want to do this? I'n various places of my site, i'm displaying a simple image which is dependant upon an enumeration. So instead of copying that logic in multiple places, I wish to have this resuable ViewUserControl and pass in the enumeration.


public enum AnimalType

// .. now code inside the view user control ...
switch (animalType)
    case AnimalType.Cat: source = "cat.png"; text="cute pussy"; break;
    ... etc ...

<img src="<%=Url.Content("~/Images/" + source)%>" alt="<%=text%>" />

I'm guessin the solution would be to NOT create a strongly typed ViewUserControl (because TModel Type can only be of type class) and then do the following..

<% Html.RenderPartial("AnimalFileImageControl", animalType); %>

and in the ViewUserControl ...

AnimalType animalType = (AnimalType) ViewData.Model;
    switch (animalType)
    { ... etc ... }

cheers :)

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well, you could have:

public sealed class Box<T> where T : struct {
    public Box(T value) { Value = value; }
    public T Value { get; private set; }
    public static explicit operator T(Box<T> item) {
        return item.Value; } // also check for null and throw an error...
    public static implicit operator Box<T>(T value) {
        return new Box<T>(value); }

and use Box<int>, Box<MyEnum>, etc - but personally, I expect it would be easier to use an untyped view and simply cast.

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re: untyped view - same. That's what i'll go with to. Forgot about making a struct :P Nice idea, if i wanted to keep it strongly typed. Thanks again Marc :) – Pure.Krome Mar 22 '09 at 1:16

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