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I want to fetch creation date and volumes allocated for about 4000 datasets in dasd .how can i do it? whether there is any command for it

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Is part of the problem building the list of dataset names that you need the creation date/volume information for? Or, do you already have a list, in a file for example, of the 4,000 datasets. In either case, the TSO command: LISTDS dataset HISTORY will do the job. Your best bet would be to do this from a REXX program. If you need help grabbing/formatting the TSO output with REXX we can probably help with that too - I'm assuming you are on an IBM mainframe. Hope that was good assumption! –  NealB Jul 15 '11 at 16:49

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You could use the catalog search interface and Rexx. I believe the DSCRDT2 field is what you're looking for. A sample is provided.

You could use ISPF in batch, write a clist or Rexx program and use the LMDLIST service.

There's also DCOLLECT.

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It takes a bit of sophistication to use the DFSMS programming interface. I suspect that using the canned DFSMS utilities for TSO such as LISTDS under REXX might be a little easier in this case. –  NealB Jul 15 '11 at 16:54

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