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I have a py script that processes files with extension '.hgx'.Example : test.hgx ( there are many such files with extension hgx)

The script processes the test.hgx and creates a new test_bac.hgx and on re-run it creates test_bac_bac.hgx. So everytime running the script creates a file with '_bac'.

Is there some solution that I can use in my script that can delete all the existing '_bac' and '_bac_bac...' files before start of the actual code.

I am already using glob.glob function

for hgx in glob.glob("*.hgx"):  

Can I use this function to delete these files 'X_bac.hgx' and other _bac_bac..hgx files?

Any help/idea would be appreciated.


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import os
import glob
for hgx in glob.glob("*_bac.hgx"):
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dangerous if, for example, one of the files is named search_backtracking.hgx –  ninjagecko Jul 15 '11 at 7:19
thx ninja, edited. –  Jacob Jul 15 '11 at 7:20
Thanks for the answer. I was missing the os.remove. –  user741592 Jul 15 '11 at 9:03

glob.glob("*_bac.hgx") will get you the files. You can then use the os.remove function to delete the file in your loop.

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