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I have an Unix script which takes 3 parameters.

Parm1 - Username

Parm2 - Runcycle

Parm3 - Date

For the third parm Date, I need to pass multiple values for a single run. For example, I would like to pass the Date value as 2011-07-14,2011-07-15

The comma should be treated as a part of the parm and should be passed inside the script.

But when I submit the script as follows:

script_name.sh user cycle1 2011-07-14,2011-07-15

the following values are actually passed inside the script:

$1 = user
$2 = cycle1
$3 = 2011-07-14

How can I get the full value for the 3rd param to be passed inside the script? I tried putting the date values in double quotes, but it ended up taking " as a part of the parm.

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What shell are you using, and what version? Using bash 4.1, it works as expected ($3=2011-07-14,2011-07-15) –  carlpett Jul 15 '11 at 7:16
Looks like there is a problem with the jobs which passes the parms. (I am updating the parms in a control table and the job which runs the scripts is pulling from there. looks like some issue with this job) –  visakh Jul 15 '11 at 7:31
@user295338 Indeed, this is a problem with the program that launches the script, not with the script. We can't help you unless you explain what that program is and how it's set up (and then this will likely not be a topic for Stack Overflow, but one for Super User since it's not a programming problem). –  Gilles Jul 15 '11 at 12:27

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