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i use svn and store my repository on a remote linux server, accessible via ssh. whenever i want to work on some code on a new machine i checkout like so:

svn checkout svn+ssh://remoteuser@remoteserver/path/to/repo /path/to/localdirname

(localdirname does not have to exist before doing the checkout)

however i often run into problems when doing svn move for directories on the local copy, eg to rename directory a to b

svn move localdirname/a/ localdirname/b/ 

this works fine, but if i do the commits in the wrong order afterwards then things end up in a big mess. people always suggest things like svn cleanup and svn update but i generally cannot get these to work and end up deleting the local copy and checking it out again. so how can i move an entire directory and commit in one go?

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i tried this and it works fine:

svn move -m "renamed" svn+ssh://remoteuser@remoteserver/path/to/repo/a svn+ssh://remoteuser@remoteserver/path/to/repo/b
# then on the local copy
svn update localdirname/a
svn update localdirname/b

localdirname/a disappears and localdirname/b appears

this effectively moves the directory on the repository, rather than on the local copy.

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