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The code below receives a query and may only execute it when the query contains 'INSERT' or 'UPDATE'. But when I feed it 'INSERT INTO test_table (id, test_value) VALUES (1, 'Test')', it raises the 'requires an Update or Insert query'.

What am I missing?

    public function setQuery($query)
    if(strpos($query, 'INSERT') === false && strpos($query, 'UPDATE') === false ) {
                trigger_error('Method [' . __FUNCTION__ . '] requires an Update or Insert query [Q: '.$query.']');

    $this->_result = mysql_insert_id();

    if(!$this->_result) {
                trigger_error('Method [' . __FUNCTION__ . '] failed [Q: '.$query.']');
    return $this->_result;
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What happens when you do use strpos against SELECT * FROM foo WHERE bar = 'INSERT'? – Salman A Jul 15 '11 at 8:17
Nothing much, really. At least nothing harmfull. The function is not open to user input. The query is executed but no result is returned. – Rick Jul 15 '11 at 8:38
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Maybe someone send you 'insert'? Try stripos :)

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Nope. I've been the only one to send the function any parameters and I'm absolutely sure it was 'INSERT', not 'insert'. Strange though: I've replaces strpos with stripos, and now it works. Really beats me... Thanks for your help (and symcbean too!) – Rick Jul 15 '11 at 8:39

It works when I try it using the parameter you provided.

(BTW it'll be a bit more robust if you use stripos)

Can't tell you why its not working for you.


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