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Q a bit dubious, pardon that.

I want to remove a song enitity:

My 1:M associations works fine with a cascade = all. E.g. the ratings associated with the song can get deleted.

My M:1 I don't know how to do. Currently I'm setting those properties to null, then I persist those properties, then I remove the song. E.g the album and artist should stay, as it's associated to other songs.


 * @var My\Entity\Album
 * @ManyToOne(targetEntity="Album", inversedBy="songs")
private $album;

 * @var Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection
 * @OneToMany(targetEntity="Similar", mappedBy="songa", cascade={"all"})
 * @OrderBy({"id" = "DESC"})
private $similarsa;

I wish to keep using the association cascading and not on the db level. Any advice on using $em->remove($song) without the extra persisting of my M:1 to nulls?

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I found it with the following:

In my song (parent) entity:

/** @PreRemove */
public function preRemove()
    $em = \Zend_Registry::get('doctrine')->getEntityManager();

Those methods (in repository) look like:

 * Removes similars with song
public function removeSong($song)
    $ratings = $this->getSong($song);
    foreach ($ratings as $rating) $this->getEntityManager()->remove($rating);

And in my Similar and Rating entites:

/** @PreRemove */
public function preRemove()
    $this->winner = $this->loser = null;
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