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friend ,where can I find jasperreport's package

I now use jasperreports-4.0.0.jar, but there not exit this package. In which version can I find the package? thanks first :)

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The following directories contain all the JAR files used by iReport and JasperReports:


Where $IREPORT_HOME is the installation directory for iReport.

Use http://www.findjar.com/ to find JAR files containing specific classes.

If you have to find a specific package, I would guess that the CLASSPATH is either not being set properly or there is a conflicting JAR file somewhere.

Without knowing why you want to find a specific package, it is difficult to answer the question.

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thanks you, friend:) Cause I am interested in java parallel programming, and I can sure there exist this package in Jasper, since I once read this package from a JASPER tutoriaL. But in my working version ,jasperreports-4.0.0.jar, there can not find the package. –  parsifal Jul 18 '11 at 4:30

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