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This looks like not so rare problem, but yet I couldn't find a good solution. General info:

  • Product that has_many Variants
  • product.variants are also needed, so they are included

When I have conditions on the Product itself, I do (named_scopes are used normally, but this is not needed to illustrate the problem):

Product.all(:conditions => {...}, :include => :variants)

I cannot find out what's the best way to search only for Products that have variants which match conditions and include only those. My last idea was:

Variant.all(:conditions => {...}, :include => :product).group_by(&:product)

But this is not very convenient and does not look like a nice ruby style. Instead of:

@products.each do |p|

I'd have to do

@products.each do |p|

And check which variable do I have or transform the first one to make it look the same as the second - messy... Is there a better solution? Thanks for any suggestions.

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You can add a clause to conditions and do this:

Product.all(:conditions => "variants.id is not null", :include => :variants)
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my conditions are complicated and I had to use some more tricks, but this clue helped me a lot! thanks –  santuxus Jul 18 '11 at 15:38

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