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When I retrieve Document from MongoDB, I want to filter out the id field in clojure?

For example,

({:name "maran",  :_id #<ObjectId 4e1d4afae8b2ef06ba2b7dd0>}
 {:name "abimaran", :_id #<ObjectId 4e1d4b12e8b2ef06ba2b7dd1>}
 {:name "hi",     :_id #<ObjectId 4e1d6d30e8b2ef06ba2b7dd2>}
 {:name "hello",  :_id #<ObjectId 4e1fbff7e1b419e1c75978e3>})

I need to filter out the _id field in the above map in clojure?

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(map #(dissoc % :_id) seq-you-get-from-mongo)
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Using CongoMongo you can also filter keys you are retrieving from MongoDB:

(fetch :table :where {:foo "bar"} :only [:foo]) 
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