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I'm trying to add a sidebar (experimental) to my extension.

I've enabled the "Experimental Extension APIs" in Chrome.

When I invoke:;

method, (where cTab is current tab) I get an error:

Error during This extension has no sidebar specified.

When I invoke:

chrome.experimental.sidebar.getState(cTab, function (state) { alert(state); });

I get "undefined" in the alert box.

I read the specs of chrome.experimental.sidebar and I have no clue how to add a sidebar to Chrome.

How can I specify a sidebar for my extension? Please help.

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First declare sidebar in your manifest:

    "sidebar": {},

Then to display sidebar.html in a current tab:;
chrome.experimental.sidebar.navigate({path: "sidebar.html"});

Here is example extension.

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thanks for the link to the example! – Devin G Rhode Aug 21 '11 at 21:36

This is no longer supported unfortunately. See:

How to create a sidebar(right-side) in google chrome?

Chrome.experimental.sidebar gone?

Hopefully they'll add it back new and improved in a future release.

You'll need to use the DOM injection approach.

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Thanks for the link to my question! :D – Yahoo Sep 19 '12 at 7:31

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