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My C# window forms application generate a list of CheckBox and PictureBox (in pair) at runtime. I want it so that when I click on the PictureBox (i.e. a MouseClick event), the corresponding CheckBox is checked/unchecked. How should I go about this?

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I would prefer to store pointer for corresponding checkbox in Tag property of PictureBox. After that, you can use it in PictureBox click event handler:

((sender as PictureBox).Tag as CheckBox).Checked = !((sender as PictureBox).Tag as CheckBox);

Don't forget to check Tag for null

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If you're generating the controls on the fly, I would prefer building an associated dictionary to store the pairs rather than using Tag.

Dictionary<PictureBox, CheckBox> association = new Dictionary<PictureBox, CheckBox>();

// ---------------------------------------
// then, in your generation code

PictureBox pb = // init
CheckBox cb = // init

// whatever

association.Add(pb, cb);

// ---------------------------------------    
// then, in your click handler for picturebox

PictureBox pb = (PictureBox)sender;
CheckBox cb = association[pb];

cb.Checked = !cb.Checked;
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