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I'm making my first USB device driver for Linux, and I'm trying to connect a touch panel device.

I have tried this device in Win7, using Win7's default touch panel driver. Using a line monitor/reader, I was able to get the raw data with multi-touch ENABLED. Let's just say for sample's sake a multi-touch data header is [0x8301] and [0x8701] for the first and second touch respectively.

Now with multi-touch DISABLED the raw data header would be [0x8101]

Now with the driver I made for Linux, I can only get it to output [0x8101], which is a one touch data header.

So I'm guessing somewhere in this part of the initialization code, I have to say to the device it is a multi-touch device. Or I'm probably initializing it wrongly.

    struct input_dev *input_dev;
input_dev = input_allocate_device();
input_dev->name = usb_mtouch->name;
input_dev->phys = usb_mtouch->phys;
usb_to_input_id(usb_mtouch->udev, &input_dev->id);
input_dev->dev.parent = &interface->dev;

input_set_drvdata(input_dev, usb_mtouch);

input_dev->open = mtouchdrv_open;
input_dev->close = mtouchdrv_close;

input_dev->evbit[0] |= BIT_MASK(EV_KEY) | BIT_MASK(EV_ABS);
input_dev->keybit[BIT_WORD(BTN_DIGI)] |= BIT_MASK(BTN_TOOL_PEN) |
input_set_abs_params(input_dev, ABS_X, usb_mtouch->x_min, usb_mtouch->x_max, 0, 0);
input_set_abs_params(input_dev, ABS_Y, usb_mtouch->y_min, usb_mtouch->y_max, 0, 0);
input_set_abs_params(input_dev, ABS_PRESSURE, 0, usb_mtouch->press_max, 0, 0);
input_dev->absbit[BIT_WORD(ABS_MISC)] |= BIT_MASK(ABS_MISC);

Also, I am using Linux 2.6.24.



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It doesn't work with either of the synaptics or wacom drivers? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jul 15 '11 at 9:38
Does your kernel support it? (… ) – vines Jul 15 '11 at 10:20
@Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams, how do i get it to use the wacom driver? by the way, this is an ARM9 embedded system. – Naze Kimi Jul 15 '11 at 13:35
@vines: thanks for the link, i'll try this one out too. – Naze Kimi Jul 15 '11 at 13:36
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I got it. You would have to send a control message to the device.

int usb_control_msg(struct usb_device *dev, unsigned int pipe, __u8 request,
                     __u8 requesttype, __u16 value, __u16 index, void *data,
                     __u16 size, int timeout)

Most devices are one-touched enabled by default. So sending a message to the device will do the trick.

The tricky part is what message to send. Since Win7 can make it one-touch or multi-touch. What I did was just compare the the Initialization Sequence on both. And apply the "missing" messages on Linux.

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