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I am learning the earliest deadline first algorithm for my exam but since I don't have any good resources I need to ask for help here.

enter image description here

slightly bigger image here

τ1(r0 = 0, C = 3, D = 7, T = 20)

I need to know what this parameters mean, for example:
D - deadline
T - ?
C - ?

And so on...

I know this is noobish question but, I will really appreciate if somebody give me the clear simple explanation :)

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Page 9 (physical) of the textbook you've quoted defines your parameters as:

  • r,task release time, i.e. the triggering time of the task execution request
  • C,task worst-case computation time, when the processor is fully allocated to it
  • D, task relative deadline, i.e. the maximum acceptable delay for its processing
  • T, task period
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Thanks, I believe that explanation exists in book, but unfortunately I don't have it, so thanks a lot! –  Splendid Jul 15 '11 at 10:58

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