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I am trying to run the gcc testsuite using a driver script in tcl. When i write

if {[catch {exec make check RUNTESTFLAGS="compile.exp --target_board=atmega128-sim"} errmsg ]} {
    puts "Test finished with failures\n $errmsg"
} else {
    puts "Test finished"

This gives error as

Test finished with failures

make: unrecognized option `--target_board=atmega128-sim"'

Usage: make [options] [target] ... ......

But if I remove the compile.exp from the RUNTESTFLAGS, it works fine.

if {[catch {exec make check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=atmega128-sim"} errmsg ]} { 


Is it because of the double quotes present in argument RUNTESTFLAGS? I need to run make check with different RUNTESTFLAGS. Please suggest a way to achieve this.

Thanks in advance !!

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First off, the core of this question is about:

exec make check RUNTESTFLAGS="compile.exp --target_board=atmega128-sim"

Everything else is just (correct) wrapping. The issue is that you are using Bourne shell syntax above, not Tcl syntax, so the above ends up with RUNTESTFLAGS set to "compile.exp (with the quote) and the rest is sent as another argument to make. Not what you want! (Tcl only lets a double-quoted string start at the front of a word; bash is more lenient.) A correct version would be:

exec make check "RUNTESTFLAGS=compile.exp --target_board=atmega128-sim"

But it's easier and much clearer to split that up, like this:

set runTestFlags "compile.exp --target_board=atmega128-sim"
exec make check RUNTESTFLAGS=$runTestFlags
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Thanks Donal. This works fine. :) –  usha Jul 18 '11 at 5:15

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