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I am using Google code svn and have a repository setup. Inside the repository I am including TinyMCE and now I want to upgrade all the files in this folder. The problem I am having is if I checkout locally and then download their new version and replace the folder it wipes out all my svn files. So in effect removes it from version control.

I was wondering what is the best method to update those folders & files but keep the svn files intact? I have been searching but can't seem to locate any simple method.

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Your title seems almost completely unrelated to your question. –  Zoredache Mar 22 '09 at 4:53

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You may want to use the ditto command.

It's as simple as:

ditto /path/to/newFiles /path/to/your/workingCopy
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What you may want is to setup svn:externals, or you may also want to take a look at something like Piston.

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Something as simple as tar will not nuke the .svn directories. Or rsync (unless you ask it to), or unzip, or writing a simple shell script, or...

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