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Basically what i have to do is, fill the textboxes of SAP based application with the help of my application which is window based (.NET framework). my application will fetch the data from data base and i have to fill it in SAP based application or SAP server directly .

Hoping for positive and quick responses.

it can also be possible with SAP.NET connector so,

Can any one have sample that how to insert data from .net application to SAP using .Net connector.

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Why would you use .NET instead of a BDC for this? –  Bryan Cain Aug 15 '11 at 18:21
Are you trying to do a batch load or load transactional data? Is the database you are talking about separate to your SAP system? I'm not entirely clear on what the .NET requirement is. –  Esti Aug 18 '11 at 10:08

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I hope this code helps for you. here i am passing values to a BAPI which writes the data to tables.

    string strBapi = strBAPI;

    DataTable tblShipTo = null;

    DataTable myTable = new DataTable("tblTest");

    DataRow dr = myTable.NewRow();

    myTable.Columns.Add("Num1", typeof(int));
    myTable.Columns.Add("Num2", typeof(int));
    myTable.Columns.Add("Num3", typeof(int));

    dr["Num1"] = 1;
    dr["Num2"] = 2;
    dr["Num3"] = 3;


    dr = myTable.NewRow();

    dr["Num1"] = 5;
    dr["Num2"] = 6;
    dr["Num3"] = 7;


    int i = -1;
    DataColumn col;
    object obj = null;

        ConnectorFuntions cf = new ConnectorFuntions();
        IRfcFunction bapiTEST = _rfcDest.Repository.CreateFunction(strBapi);

        RfcStructureMetadata metaData  = _rfcDest.Repository.GetStructureMetadata("ZBAPI_A_STRU_ORDER_CLICK");
        IRfcStructure structImport = metaData.CreateStructure();

        IRfcTable tblInput = bapiTEST.GetTable("IMPORT");

        foreach (DataRow dr1 in myTable.Rows)
            IRfcStructure myStructRow = metaData.CreateStructure();
            foreach (DataColumn column in myTable.Columns)
                obj = dr1[column];
                myStructRow.SetValue(column.ToString(), obj);




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