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I tested new Flash scope in JSF2 but I found a major issue with it or I am lacking some knowledge.

Having a page:

    Value in flash: #{flash.text}
         <h:inputText value="#{flash.text}" />
         <h:commandButton value="Test" /> <!-- Same behavior with faces redirect -->

I have a scenario:

  • Put a value 'foo' and click Test
  • I get 'Value in flash: foo'
  • I open new page with the same adress
  • I get 'Value in flash:'
  • I open another new page with the same adress
  • I get 'Value in flash: foo' <- IMHO this is wrong!

Reproducibility: 100% Tested on Glassfish 3.1 and JBoss AS 7

Different problem with probably same reason: Removing JSF messages from the flash


  • Is it desired behavior of JSF2 flash?
  • Based on this and other noticed problems with flash, shoud the reference flash implementation be considered harmful?
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Workaround: Usually when one would like to use Flash, one should use e.g. Seam 3 RenderScope –  Krzysiek Jul 15 '11 at 14:28
It is not the case with Jetty8 I have tried in it. –  deepmoteria Jul 4 '12 at 5:17

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I think for now the implementation of The Flash should be considered harmful indeed. In the application I'm working on day to day I had a very good use case for it, but unfortunately The Flash just appeared to be unusable.

The main problem is that the cookie which is used to transfer a pointer to the state isn't cleared, see Flash scoped message lives longer than next request.

There also seems to be a security problem with the flash scope, see Flash scope cookie enables data exploits.

If any of this bothers you, please vote for the linked issues ;)

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Thanks. Does RenderScope can replace Flash in your use case? –  Krzysiek Aug 8 '11 at 9:32
Yes, this seems to be able to do the trick. My use case is a very classic redirect-after-post scenario, where the redirected page simply needs to display a message. An additional bonus is that there is a provision to generate an ID for any context other than the first one in case there are multiple ones active. –  Arjan Tijms Aug 8 '11 at 19:17

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