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I am trying to check if a users input contains any special characters from a list, does anyone know who I would go about doing this?

I've tried the LIKE operator:

 Dim sMatch As Boolean = tTitle.Text Like "[-/\,.:;*?""""<>|&'[]^%£$()_+=!#]"

but doesn't seem to work, i think special characters are used for settings.

Is there a RegEx i could use for this??

Thanks for any help.


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IndexOfAny and ToCharArray will help here

Dim sMatch As Boolean = tTitle.Text.IndexOfAny("-/\,.:;*?""""<>|&'[]^%£$()_+=!#".ToCharArray) > -1

edit: Some of those characters have to be wrapped in their own square brackets for the like to work, plus you'd need some *'s around the [], and you'd have trouble square bracketing the ] itself - Like Operator (Visual Basic) :-)

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got that working, thanks for the help. –  JBoom Jul 15 '11 at 13:42

The regex alternative would be:

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(tTitle.Text, "[\-/\\,.:;*?""<>|&'[\]\^%£$()_+=!#]")
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