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I have looked around the WordPress plugin site for some time and so far, no dice. For a personal project, I am looking for a WordPress calendar plugin which provides the following functionality:

  • Send invitations to other WordPress users
  • Output event list as normal WordPress page
  • Automatically detect past events and allow the addition of a report and gallery
  • Support private and public events

Obviously, I could set to and write such a plugin, but I'm loathed to take this extra action if there is already a plugin available which will handle most of what I want (even if I need to slightly edit the code).

I did consider using two plugins, something like Events Manager Extended and the NextGEN Gallery to achieve what I want, but would ideally like something in a combined plugin.

Can anyone help identify such a plugin?

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with events manager http://wp-events-plugin.com/ you can add nextgen gallery shortcodes in the event description ;)!

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