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this question is related to this other one

I would like to check the value of a Field in scapy:

def compute(fields):
    print fields
    print fields[1].name
    print fields[1].size
    print fields[1].default
    return 23

class Foo(Packet):

    def post_build(self, p, pay):
          print dir(self.array[1])
          res = compute(self.array)
          p = struct.pack(">b", res)
          return p

if __name__ == "__main__":
     interact(mydict=globals(), mybanner="")

The code is not entirly working, but the important parts are. The output is:

[<Field ().foo>, <Field ().foo1>, <Field ().bar>, <Field ().blub>]

Now, the problem is when I change a value on the commandline:

>>> a=Foo()
>>> a.foo1=0x23
>>> a.show2()

How can I find out (in my compute method) what value foo1 has? I think this is not really a difficult question, but I cannot figure out what I'm missing here :/ Would be cool if you could give me a hand :)

With best regards

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From the command line (or in code where you declare a Scapy layer) you access a Scapy layer and a field like so:

>>> a=Foo()
>>> a[Foo].foo1 = 0x23

Does this answer your question? If not, explain what exactly the purpose of your compute() function is and I will edit this answer.

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