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Eg. opening a website as a project or open a project as a website. Are there any differences between this two options?

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Open project / solution will open a .csproj file which contains a list of the files included in your projects, among other settings. Website is just a folder with files / subfolders in it. You can't control which files are included , it just take the whole base directory content.

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They are different project types and are treated differently by visual studio. You can see the differences here:

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Open Website: Here you do not need to create a associated solution file.

Open Project Here you can create a solution and in one solution can add many projects or websites. when you open solution then it will load all projects and websites that are included in solution.

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It's the difference between a web project (aka web application) and a website.

A website in visual studio doesn't have an associated project file - it is just a collection of directories and files. Everything in it is part of the site.

See on MSDN.

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no - both have a project file, just if you open it as website and not save it in a know path, is going to be saved on default project path. But both have project file to remeber many thinks... –  Aristos Jul 15 '11 at 13:01

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