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Hi I am using Zend_Mail pop3 client to fetch emails from gmail account problem is the content which I get is in HTML format but I want to store only text format . There are to solution I am looking forward to

a) force my pop3 client to retrieve only text message b) conver html into simple text i.e remove all the html tags properly .


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An email is either in one specific format, or its in "multipart". In every case you must download the whole email. After it, you may either retrieve the text-part (if its multipart or text), or you must parse the html-source (or just strip_tags), if its html-only.


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Whether mail is html or test is decided by the sender, not the recipient. Sometimes mail will be "multipart" where there is both a text and html version and you can choose to view either, but basically, you get what you get. Zend is PHP and allows plugins, so you might make use of a PHP html-to-text converter. I've seen some code on the web.

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