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What is the difference between jQuery and JavaScript?

Would please tell me the difference between Javascript and Jquery? I know about PHP and MySQL. Now,I want to learn JavaScript.

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Javascript is a client-side language, jQuery is a library of javascript functions. – Phil Jul 15 '11 at 13:06

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JQuery is built on top of JavaScript.

JavaScript is pretty powerful, but can be difficult to program. jQuery is sort of a wrapper around JavaScript that makes it easier to program.

For example, instead of JavaScript's


in jQuery you simply do


jQuery also simplifies stuff like XMLHttpRequests and such like. jQuery allows one to focus on the problem and not worry about what goes on in the underlying JavaScript too much.

That's my half-arsed attempt at explaining things. I'm sure someone can do better!

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jQuery was written using JavaScript, and is a library to be used by JavaScript. You cannot learn jQuery without learning JavaScript.

Likely, you'll want to learn and use both of them.

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Jquery is Javascript's function. It's framework (library), which helps you (from Jquery's moto:) "Write less, do more"

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the difference is javascript is a language and jquery is a library created by using javascript...

here is an excellent SO link with learning javascript resources Best resources to learn JavaScript

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jQuery is a javascript framework that extends a lot of the basic functionality of javascript (better DOM traversal, animation stuff, cross-browser compatibility, etc).

The Wikipedia page gives a good explanation.

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