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I am trying to parse the following xml file : http://reports.ieso.ca/public/DispUnconsHOEP/PUB_DispUnconsHOEP_20110714.xml

My goal is to get the maximum price with its associated hour and the minimum price with its associated hour.

The logic that I am applying is as follows:

Parse the Xml file and pass it to a IList which contains pairs of hour and price

Sort the IList in Descending order based on the price

Retrieve the first value in the IList as the maximum value whereas the last value in the IList as the minimum value.

My Code is:

XNamespace nsPriceHr = "http://www.theIMO.com/schema";
        XDocument xDocument =
        XElement xEl1 = xDocument.Element(nsPriceHr + "IMODocument");
        XElement xEl2 = xEl1.Element(nsPriceHr + "IMODocBody");
        XElement xEl3 = xEl2.Element(nsPriceHr + "HOEPs");

        var data = (from x in xEl3.Descendants(nsPriceHr + "HOEP")
                    orderby x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Price").Value descending 
                    select new HourPrice
                        Hour = x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Hour").Value,
                        Price = x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Price").Value

My Problem is: the List is not getting sorted as expected. The HourPrice object which takes the two values of Hour and Price has both data members as string.

I am using C#, .NET 3.5 SP1 and working on winforms. Any help appreciated

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Try using System.Convert. In particular, you may be interested in ToInt32 and ToDecimal. These functions take a string (or one of various other data types), and convert it to an int or a decimal respectively.

var data = (from x in xEl3.Descendants(nsPriceHr + "HOEP")
    orderby System.Convert.ToDecimal(x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Price").Value) descending 
    select new HourPrice
        Hour = System.Convert.ToInt32(x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Hour").Value),
        Price = System.Convert.ToDecimal(x.Element(nsPriceHr + "Price").Value)


Here is one way you might check for missing values:

string valueString = x.Element("ElementName").Value;
int value = String.IsNullOrEmpty(valueString) ? 0 : Convert.ToInt32(valueString);

If your problem is that the strings aren't empty, but aren't in the right format either, you will have to convert them to the right format before you convert. I.e., you must strip the $ from a string like $6.47.

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I used that, but it gives me an null exception error and does not allow me to convert –  reggie Jul 15 '11 at 13:17
@reggie: Can you post full text of the exception's message? What is giving you the null reference? –  Matthew Jul 15 '11 at 13:20
error details: Input string was not in correct format –  reggie Jul 15 '11 at 13:24
@reggie: That means that the string you are trying to convert is not a valid representation of an int/decimal. What kinds of strings are stored in Hour and Price? They must be in a numeric format. 12pm will not work, neither will $6.45. Instead they must be 12 or 6.45. Also, if the value is null (or an empty string, you will have problems. In this case, you may want to default to 0 or throw an exception, depending on whether you are ok with missing values. –  Matthew Jul 15 '11 at 13:27
@reggie: Ah, glad you were able to fix it :) –  Matthew Jul 15 '11 at 13:34

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