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i have a table that has the following columns:


and i want a SQL report to produce one row for each team / region (groupby Team, Region) combination and also show me a column of total count of people that exist for that Team and Region. One suggestion was to have a column with a value of 1 to them do a sum on that columns but there must be a simpler solution. How can i do a count on people in this output?

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  count(distinct Person)
from mytable
group by 1,2
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I personally prefer naming my group-bys (so group by Team, Region instead of 1, 2). –  AllenG Jul 15 '11 at 13:28
select Team,
       count(*) as PersonCount
from YourTable
group by Team, Region
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SELECT Team, Region, COUNT(*)
  FROM Table
  GROUP BY Team, Region

Should work just fine, unless i'm missing something.

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select Team, Region, Count(Team) as PeopleCount 
from YourTable 
group by Team, Region

should do it. Note that some may suggest Count(all). Don't get used to using Count(all) IMO is a bad practice. If your have an index column in your table always use that in Count() wherever applicable. Then your query will be much faster since theres a possibility that depending on how the indexes are created, your query may end up using the index only and not touch the table.

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