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I have a textarea that is editable using jeditable (jquery), I need a way of the users input into formatted text; for example, if the user would like to enter the following:

This is a letter from God to Man.

Hi How's it going???

Currently this is returned as:

This is a letter from God to Man. Hi How\'s it going???

Some sort of string replace, i guess...

jeditable function:

  $(".editable_textarea").editable("<?php print $url ?>save.php?id=<?php print $_SESSION['id'] ?>", {
      indicator : "<img src='../images/indicator.gif'>",
      type : 'textarea',
      submitdata: { _method: "put" },
      select : true,
      submit : 'OK',
      cancel : 'cancel',
      cssclass : "selected",
      height : '200px'


<span class="editable_textarea" id="letter"><?php print file_get_contents($url . 'load.php?id=letter&sid='.$_SESSION['id'].'') ?></span>

Thanks and any help is welcome.


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This is a long dead question I guess, but:

<span class="editable_textarea" id="letter"><?php print stripslashes(file_get_contents($url . 'load.php?id=letter&sid='.$_SESSION['id'].'')) ?></span>
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