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I'm trying to find a good XCode 4 tutorial out there that does the following:

  • Tab Bar Navigation
  • Navigation Bar at top
  • Table View for at least one Tab

I've started using this utube video from Xcode 3 but with very little luck.

I get really lost when trying to link the components together because the screens seemed to have changed dramatically from 3 to 4.

These 3 features are typically at the heart of most iphone applications, and finding it very hard to find a tutorial for Xcode 4 that accomplishes this.

Any advice would be great. I've found some manual steps floating around but doesn't compare to watching a video of one.

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did you find out Nick ? –  user756245 Jul 15 '11 at 16:09

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I would really recommend the book Beginning iPhone 4 Development Exploring the iOS SDK. It contains everything you are looking for.

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Apple's provide a good introduction guide about here

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